Leap Motion

Leap Motion is a hardware sensor device using hand and finger motions so you can interact with your computer in a new way by using hand gestures instead of your mouse.  By using natural hand movements such as waves, pointing and grabbing the user can control their PC in ways not possible with a mouse.  The leap motion controller is a small USB device that uses a mix of IR cameras and infrared LEDs to record 3D position data within a 3 feet hemisphere.

Digital Currency

Digital Currencies are electronically created and stored tokens of value typically converted to fiat money, basically money thats considered legal tender by governments.  The Virtual worlds of the future will undoubtedly use some form of digital currency for the purchase of goods and services much like they do today.

Oculus Rift

‚ÄčThe Rift is a virtual reality headset that hit the news recently after Facebook bought the company for $2 billion. It was originally invented by Palmer Luckey who was rumoured to have the largest collection of virtual-reality goggles prior to building his own.  Virtual Reality head-mounted displays are a kind of helmet that once worm displays a field of view on the lenses of the headset enabling the wearer to view whatever is displayed as if they were viewing it in person.