Calypso Land Deeds


Calypso Land Deeds were originally released in 2011 after Mindark PE AB decided not to sell their subsidiary Planet Calypso AB after a previous sale was aborted.  Instead, they decided to offer innovative investment opportunities for the participants of Entropia Universe. The company announced that they would be introducing a groundbreaking new Citizen System that included Land Lot Deeds with an expected annual ROI of between 27% - 30%.  A total of 60,000 Land Lot deeds were created at a cost of 1000 PED each ($100 USD) which valued the combined land deeds at a massive $6 million.



Each deed represents a 100 square metre plot on Planet Calypso, a Virtual World operated and developed by Planet Calypso AB. To date the plots have not been claimable and little is known about their nature. What is known is that after taking part in a land grab citizens will be able to build a structure with claimed plots of 3x3 format (9 deeds) as a minimum requirement. Land deed owners will also be given political voting rights, theoretically giving participants some influence over the future of the virtual world.

Revenue share

Holders of land lot deeds are entitled to a share of the 50% planet partner Gross Revenue, 25% of the total revenue generated by Planet Calypso is distributed to holders and the other 25% is retained by Planet Calypso AB.  Mindark earns the remaining 50% Gross Revenue as part of their planet partner agreement with Planet Calypso which is still a wholly owned subsidiary of Mindark. Typically revenue share payments are made weekly on a Monday and have been happening since December 2011.

Revenue Performance

Opinions are divided as to the whether Calypso Land Deeds are a worthwhile investment. Remember in a Virtual World nothing is guaranteed and if the universe implodes so does your investment. The price of CLDs has fluctuated since the initial offering of 1000 PED (100$) and the price paid can have a big impact on any projected Return On Investment. There is also a direct correlation between the amount of activity on Planet Calypso and the revenue payouts. If the activity decreases due to a declining player base or reduction in time spent playing then so could the payout.  These factors need to be seriously considered by anyone who is contemplating a virtual investment of this nature.

For those that bought in at the initial price of 1000 PED, the return to-date overall has been pretty impressive (albeit with a weekly fluctuation that appears to show a reducing moving average).  The future of CLDs will be very much dependent on how successful Planet Calypso are in increasing their user base.

For one Land Deed at an initial cost of 1000 PED ($100) based on our records to date:

Return on Investment
Weeks since first payout     Total tax received in Ped     In US Dollars     ROI to date    
52 241.82 24.18 24.18%
104 465.32 46.53 46.53$
129 558.76 55.87 55.87%


Virtualsense owns Calypso Land Deeds, the above represents our own observations, and we are in no way suggesting that other people should invest money in CLDs, please do your own research!



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