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    Monria Event | Sat - May 14th | Queen Nara Initiates a G3 Summit

    Please register Team Leader - Sith Meister Team Name - Sith Family on Monria
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    Monria Event | Security Breach / DEC Faces Off With Decca

    Please Register: Team Name: Sith Family on Monria Team Leader: Bella Chia Chinka
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    Cuhof loot discrepancy

    Hi, I have just posted this with support and wanted you to be aware: "Count Cristo Monte and I did a cuhof challenge on Toulan. The loot boxes said 138ped for each box (414ped) Count received 177ped and a few pec, I too only received 177ped and a few pec. That totals 354ped. We are short of...
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    Monria Release Delayed :(

    Thank you Ant for keeping us informed. No worries. Keep up the good work. Thanks for everything you do. Bella
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    Monria Christmas-Themed Apartment Decorating Contest | 2019

    Bella Chia Chinka Cthulhu Tower Floor 4 Apartment 3
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    Full Cave TP Run

    Saturday 23rd is great for me
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    Monria Team 3 Yr Anniversary Event | Come Celebrate With Us

    Please Register Team name: Siths Monria Team without Sith Team leader: Bella Chia Chinka
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