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    Monria Daily Mining Mission

    And now I blush... :cute
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    Monria Daily Mining Mission

    Wow, that's really amazing! Where did they find my old clothes? That alone must have kept an intern busy for all these weeks.
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    Monria Daily Mining Mission

    Woot, finally! I love it! Thank you so much @Eugenio Anhithe Wilde and everyone else involved.
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    Monria VU 4.2 - The Order of the Elder Gods

    It's a snippet from my screenshot above. Although the pub crawl is a mission on Calypso and has nothing to do with the mission chain on Monria, DME's penthouse is commonly known as "the pub". What I meant to say was: arrive on Monria, work hard (ie. follow the order of the elder gods), THEN...
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    Monria VU 4.2 - The Order of the Elder Gods

    It's also the order that matters :toast
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    Monria | My Highest Solo Hunting HoF | 1330 from a Level 26 Cultist

    What can go wrong with that many good luck charms? Very gratz indeed on your personal best! Also belated congratulations to your mom. An impressive #94 HOF so to speak; may she ATH. For some odd reason I now feel the urge to cull some cultists...
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    3 HoF, Ironing shubs

    I just love the golden swirls. Gratz on the return. The Kaminsky Barong 2 is a very fine weapon. It is quite a while I had one in loot myself. Wish I already had the skills to being able to use it.
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    Monria | New Lost Chapters Reward | Woohooo we finally got them!!

    For the younger ones: This is Tim the Enchanter demonstrating the 3% faster reload time of his Combustive Attack Nanochip (due to the horns, obviously) to some knights on Massacre Hill. Or something like that. Poor rabbit. And now for something completely different. The 10 geekiest plush toys...
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    Monria moments in real life

    The cell phone case... I almost spilled my coffee.
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    Monria VU 4.2 - The Order of the Elder Gods

    Argh, always trouble with Curd, eh? :rolleyes Mission log updated, no Horns of Z'agol in inventory yet, though.
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    2100 ped Blau in the Shoggoth crater

    Fantastic! Congratulations. :jumpclap
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    Monria VU 4.0 - The Celestial Prison

    :bow Awesome! And thank you!
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