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    Interactive Space Map --- Created by Anny Thundergirl

    I didn't know there was so much stuff in space! Thanks lol! :)
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    Monria Interactive Map --- Created by Anny Thundergirl

    Awesome idea - very well done! I'm not 24/7 on Monria; that map will help a lot every time returning here! :)
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    Monria 2019 | St Patrick's Day Event | Results

    Great event! Don't spend it all at once winners! :)
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    Monria | St Patrick's Day Event | Cthulhu's Chaotic World | Mar 16th/17th

    I'm a bit late to the party (as always)... Register please: Team name: MU Hunters Inc @ Monria Team captain: Tim DxBlueIce Fisher Great event. :) Have fun all and good luck!
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    Monria Event | Thwarting Maladrite Elixir Invasion | Sat - Jan 19th

    Great event! Gratz to the winners! :)
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    Monria Event | Thwarting Maladrite Elixir Invasion | Sat - Jan 19th

    Great event - I hope I can make it tomorrow. Good luck all! My guess is 477! :)
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    Monria | Update on Events

    I will mark those events in my calendar right now, so I won't miss any of those again (like I did in 2018...)! :) Looking forward to some great events!
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    Monria 2018 | Twas the night before Christmas ...

    I'm still lurking here from time to time - 2018 was a great year for you guys. Thanks for everything you do for the Entropia community!
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    Monria Team 3 Yr Anniversary Event | Come Celebrate With Us

    Gratz to all winners! I managed to miss everything. :D
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    Monria | Events Update

    Great ;)
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    Monria 2017 | St Patrick's Day (blow your mind) Event

    This event sounds awesome :)
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    Buying: Shrapnel

    Hey, buying Shrapnel (usually any amount). Just drop me a pm ingame with the amount and price. Thanks! Tim
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    The Best Way To Predict The Future Is To Create It | Update 9

    Nice update - looking forward to 2017 :) Btw, do you have a pdf file with all the story around Monria in one place? (I'm such a lazy f...) I want to get ready for the "real stuff" in 2017 ;P
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