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    Toulan Mobs | Collecting Complete Information

    Tabtabs gives : shrapnel always muscle oil ,animal oil residue very often Tabtab hide , basic leather extractor often tabtab tooth not so often Tier 1 comp ,socket 1 comp common orange paint can , weak cloth extractor uncommon Rifi arm guards f/m ,sada helmet f/m rare Hp values Young:10...
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    Hello everyone

    Hi there My name is jurgen zamiria renier Im a monrian born ,member of cult of the skulls. Decided to join the forums to learn more about toulan maybe discover new things together . Btw just wondering if the planet is down,i can log in and all fine but once after loading screen my client...
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    Monria | Halloween Event | Oct 26th | Grimoire in Wrong Hands !!

    My guess is gonna be 1362. Good luck to everyone xd
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    Say hello to the newest member .

    Thanks everyone , guess ill be missing this month monrian event lol
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    Say hello to the newest member .

    Fryday 21.13 ella decided to come and greet mom and dad ,lets spread the news arround.
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    Hello and welcome hope you have a great time here xd
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    Howdy Monria

    Welcome to the crew xd
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