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    DSEC Information Desk

    I think DEC's Pa has a step she stands on too :)
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    Foot guards appearance bugs and inconsistance

    Thanks eleni :)
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    Simon's Working Parts Deal turn-in discrepancy.

    Thanks Slither, I'll take a look at that, any fixes will be in September release
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    Postcards from Toulan

    OMG I love that shot brilliant
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    Crafting Quest

    Thanks Firefist All ideas are welcome. We love to get inspiration from the community especially when it helps out the economy. nice idea :)
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    DSEC-9 Bug Reports | General Discussion

    Because these creatures have been modified by the DSEC Corporation using robotic technology they seem to behave and react like their robotic implants have taken priority over their original behavior.
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    Hi Hiero Welcome to Monria and the Forum as Avum said the Monrian Born Program is the best place to start. Have a look around and get to know the community. They are massively helpful and welcoming, and if you have any problems there is a lot of information on the forum also. We have the best...
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    DSEC-9 Bug Reports | General Discussion

    Hey Chadwick Which floor 2 are you talking about BTW welcome to the forum :)
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    Light glitters

    Wow I've never seen that glitter thing before.... I do notice some luminous stuff on Toulon that I feel is too bright but I thought that was just me. That video though wow.
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    Check view from the first balcony

    I'll fix that
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    DSEC-9 Bug Reports | General Discussion

    Can't spell ;) In future I'll get DM to proof read for me
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    DSEC-9 Bug Reports | General Discussion

    This is fine these creatures are deformed versions of the Toulon mob that have been 'enhanced' by dsec.
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