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    Saturday, October 2, 2021 Repair run

    It was still loads of fun though. Sorry I couldn't stay longer. We had a great time at the party though. I took the family to a place called Salt Grass, really good food. So all in all, a really good day :wavinghands
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    Saturday, October 2, 2021 Repair run

    I'm up for this. Hopefully I will be able to be online during the scheduled flight, if not I'll hire a ship to be there. It sure was fun last time.
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    Saturday, September 18, 2021 Repair run

    Thank you for the trip, it was a
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    Damage type test DSEC9

    What time? I'll try and come help heal.
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    Monria Event | Decca Conspires with K'Tan Partathus

    Congrats to the winners. Was fun as always. Thank You VS team for all that you do. You guys and gals are the greatest. :jumpclap :cheer
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    Toulan Secret SAGE Event! 30th July

    It was great Mr. Wrench. :thumbsup :jumpclap Thanks for letting me hang with you guys healing and synching. Was a load of fun for me. :cool:
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    Monria MiniSage April 2021 Edition

    Excellent as always. Great job Mr Wrench and Miss Bonnie. :jumpclap :thumbsup :wavinghands:shooting
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    Minimal presence in game until Monday or Tuesday Apr 19th or 20th

    The new ones look nice, and will be with you for a good while. Would have look really cool with RGB memory :D But oh my, that spaghetti.
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    Hello from Wrench Crowbar

    Happy 1 year of superb streaming Mr Wrench. :cheer I am glad that I found your stream that one fine day, it has been great to watch you grow it. And thank you for being a great supporter of the community, both with your time and the events that you and your great crew do. :jumpclap
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    Planet Toulan 'The New Frontier'

    Good write up sir, and of course you will be seeing me there as well. :thumbsup The VS team has done a spectacular job and I am really enjoying myself. Hopefully one day I will have an apartment on Toulan as well. :)
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    Launching Toulan Monthly Event | Guardian Village | Dec 18th - 20th

    This will be my first trip to Toulan, looking forward to some new exploration. 🗺 GL and have fun everyone.
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    Hello from Wrench Crowbar

    Thank you Morrath and the Wrench Crowbar crew. :thumbsup You guys are the greatest. That was a total shock to say the least. Thank you Miss Kendra. :peace
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    Monria Event | The Message is Very Clear | Sat - Sep 19th

    Grats to the winners. :jumpclap Another fine and fun event... :thumbsup Thank you Virtual Sense team, you did a great job as always. :cool:
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    Avum's Sweat Buying Program Effective Sep 1st, 2020

    Good job and good luck Avum. I'll for sure help you whenever I can buddy.
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    Hello from Wrench Crowbar

    Great job on the movie Mr. Wrench. Thank you to Leshrac and CoTS, and all who participated. I really enjoyed it.
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