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    Virtualsense Space Travel Program / Sign-up List

    Dj Krackers Inmysoup colonel spartans pilot starfinder XXIX
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    Virtualsense Space Travel Associates Program | Details

    For Deatz ship along with his wife Mellow I will be on planet advertising in local and trade at 5 min after landing and 10 min after with first summons at the 14 min mark and second and final summons at 15 min mark then will warp to next planet. Doing same thing on each planet. I will be at...
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    Monria | New Lost Chapters Reward | Woohooo we finally got them!!

    the horns do not work with adj viglanti helmet or gremlin face guard it take either one you have on off to were horns is there going to be a fix for this
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    ty dme
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    hi i am dj krackers inmysoup in game just thought i would join
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