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    ep1 crafting giving 110% tt-return always??

    *edit* delete.
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    Ahlan's Old Vehicle

    Ahlan's Old Vehicle doesnt need oil for me. must be a bug im sure.
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    PVP spot where there shouldnt be PVP

    A pvp spot was found where there's not supposed to be pvp at [Planet Toulan, 136746, 94766, 142, Waypoint] about 10m x 100m. seems like some kind of wave spawner is marked but not implemented. It was found by Little Bear.
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    Furniture blueprints not available

    i dont remember what i looted mine with. might have been ep2 or stone textures. i spent alot of time crafting stone texture to loot toulan texture bps so im pretty sure it was either nissit, kaldon, or brukite that looted my borghee.
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    Furniture blueprints not available

    i have a borghee bp you are welcome to borrow anytime.
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    Mob loot too low

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    Trapping Temple Khaffash on Toulan

    Just like the barrier that was found by LittleStar in the volcano, i believe something like that is needed at the temple. People keep getting the mobs trapped in the walkways around the nawa fountain to keep from having to kill them and just pick nawa freely. Some kind of barrier to keep...
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    Nahar Outfit pants are now a gross lime green.

    Just my 2 cents but i agree with Miles. i think the old sandy colored clothes work well as the basic Nahar outfit to go with the sandy theme on Toulan. The Liqa Pants and Liqa Shirt are the same clothes only customizable. So those should be the ones crafted and colored if a player wants a...
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    graduation on toulan

    when you graduate on Toulan, they reward you with Rifi, but also include Pixie pieces in lieu of the jeep that they reward on caly. Vehicles were not allowed on Toulan back then so that is the reason for the Pixie pieces. But to be missing the Rifi set completely is def odd.
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    info booth

    under the "waves" section, qaffaz is spelled wrong. its spelled as "qafazz". under instances, the cards are not mentioned which is good, some secrets are best left to be discovered.
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    Has the card missions run out of mirsal ?

    maybe its a capped resource and there's too much in circulation. ive heard about capped resources but im not too familiar with that sort of thing.
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    CUHOF keys in team

    i believe the front portal is for the keys and the back portal was for the energy cells....that was my understanding when they were first introduced. ive only ever used the nawa energy cores since they were introduced so i could be wrong. ive never personally tried a key on the back portal.
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    VU 20.4 | By Royal Decree

    the cuhof bps were removed a couple VU's back when they implemented the nawa energy cores/cells. players with the bps can still craft them and you can still buy the bps from other players if you can find a player willing to sell them.
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    Virtualsense Space Travel Program / Sign-up List

    Cosmic Legacy Unkown VCAT member!
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