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    Name of mobs

    Hey I am posting this incase you guys dont understand what hunters want and how to make things clearer for hunters. I will concentrate on cultist. I am sure there is a great storyline behind cultist names and that is great for those who know it. Most hunters including myself just dont know what...
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    West Crater Cultist Event | Post Global/HoF Screens Here

    i kinda thought i got 3 globals... anyway only got screenies of 2 :)
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    Monria Space Travel Program / Sign-up List

    Lepi LokoMotive Dasa rank in TKoE: Sergant
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    my Suggestions

    Yeah i should be more clear about what i wanted. So sorry for that and let me try to explain in details again. First you have two diffrent tabs on entropeida. Most commonly used tab is Creatures where you can sort by planet and see what kind of Mobs are available at certain planet. Now plz do...
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    my Suggestions If possible change maturity names to something players are used to, so good old young/mature/old/... /stalker (current names are confusing, not like casual player will ever appreciate them) 2.nd Mission rewards: Casual player might want to check them on entropedia. I dont know for others...
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