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    Mining on Monria

    Several players told me they were unaware about the particularities of mining on Monria so I've decided to create this thread. Some of the important things a miner needs to know: Monria mining uses the FOMA/Hell mining logic with fewer but larger deposits as compared to regular mining areas...
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    Monria is too clean?

    Development never ceased. The December updated contained some interesting content. Expect a few cool surprises in the upcoming update as well.
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    Monria Citizenship

    @Beast Smith That's an interesting idea worth exploring. :coffee
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    Monria Release Notes December 2014

    Additions several new Yog maturities have made an appearance two new Yog bosses L16 Vacuity of Perforation and L11 Persecutor of Abyss have made an appearance new items have been added Changes the ideal sweating mob Yog Broodmother contains more sweat after suffering a mutation Shub bosses...
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    Hmm Tanto 1 (L) wasn't in the cultist loot table. I've just added it to Mob & Drops.
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    .Point Shopping Network

    Sad to see you gone. Let's hope other shop owners will offer some cool mining gear to compensate. The latest version of your shop full mining gear was really cool.
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    Sweat Circle On Monria

    Good luck with your efforts! I've heard the Yog Broodmother is an excellent sweating mob. :yog sothoth
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    Mining hitrate in various locations

    West crater: 11,53% (1788 drops) Based on Shadow's data, hit rate is pretty high in West Crater compared to other locations. Do you have some factual data to post except for empirical data?
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    All lost chapters

    Mission can be completed and now there is a reward. However, the reward, which is poorly balanced could be adjusted and same goes for the the issue with the traded chapters. I hope both these issues will be resolved in the next few months.
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    All lost chapters

    Congratulations! :winged At the moment the reward doesn't match the difficulty of this mission and the chapters, even though tradeable, don't count towards completing the mission. I expect both these issues to be addressed in the near future.
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    Deathfear's Cult Shop-Closed

    Mindark knows about the Cthylla Tower teleport bug. They were notified directly. A fix should come soon.
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    Entropia Universe 15.0.1 Release Notes

    Entropia Universe 15.0.1 Release Notes Improvements Pets will now move around less and adjust to the avatar better. Tooltip added for Pet Focus. Pet names can now contain 12 letters instead of 8. Creatures that have just been spawned will now wait a short duration before they aggro. Fixed...
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    Mining hitrate in various locations

    It's interesting what Tul said and it echoed my previous thoughts on the subject. It's possible you can get bigger claims now which means a more uneven loot
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    Monria Release Notes October 15th, 2014

    The Lost Chapters mission will go through additional rebalancing in the coming VUs.
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