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    Bug Report: Karmoosh Aleef - Untameable

    Another bait for players. as expected. spend 3h inside the Mission instance -> lost Key -> NO tammed pet. Thanks Toulan once again to show me how great is the game! This is a pure joke adressing to your players. 1 -> lost 3h of my gameplay to tame a pet wich cannot be tamed 2 -> the regen of...
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    Bug Report: Karmoosh Aleef - Untameable

    i`m still waiting to be happy with the fix. So whats the plans ? I didnt hear anything about it at all. We should still wait ...for miracles or ... thats it ? We call it Bad Luck ?
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    Bug Report: Karmoosh Aleef - Untameable

    Looking foward to see how happy we will be! Thanks for letting us know. Keep the good work.
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    just think me i`n tBANNA have been 3 times in, so We have wasted 3 Keys to Tame 1 PET and nothing happend. Best we got ~45-50% Spirit of Karmoosh Aleef. Ridicoulous, i have the same feeling that we was TESTERs. We did try all the posibilitys, Bigger Whip, Smaller, Higher Domination, lower...
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    Karmoosh Aleef

    Hi there, this is the new Karmoosh Aleef I have uploaded a pic so anyone can see & Enjoy (for who wasnt inside yet)
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    Planet Toulan Release Notes 20.2

    Good evening everyone, i can also say there is a problem with the taming Karmoosh Aleef, The Spirit is Too HIGH -> Respect its 100% its hard to belive we cannot tame the L4 Pet, but maybe theres an error. Anyway, who wants to have a look on the Karmoosh, ill add some pics so anyone can...
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    Woot! My First Mining Tower (ever)

    lol did anyone notice the 04-08-2015, 06:35 DATE? GZ even if its a almost Year OLD Post.
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    Cannot Use Salafa G4 ("Could not execute. Please try again later")

    wish all things moved like here! Btw, Mohammed :( still waiting for a response... pff.
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    Planet Toulan Release Notes 14.8.1

    Karmoosh Lateef Tamed! Karmoosh Lateef Tamed. Hard pet to tame, you have to defeat that many Boss but finnaly Managed to get it Special thanks to my team. Will do a list to post it here.
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