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    New t-shirt

    Just make sure you have the shub outfit in there somewhere
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    Happy Birthday | " Maximus Cashicus "

    Happy Birthday Max :ecstatic:ecstatic
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    Monria 2017 | St Patrick's Day (blow your mind) Event

    Oh this is going to be so much fun. Cant wait. Im even getting a new look for this. No one can see till the event. :D So doing the count down.
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    BREAKING NEWS UPDATE .... Ant lays the smack down

    Hehe the ladies kicked some butt . :paddle:paddle
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    New guy here

    Hiya Whiskey , Welcome to Monria . If you need any help with anything let us know. We have a wonderful community . Will catch up with you to give you the starter kit . See ya ingame :clap:clap
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    Monria | New Years Eve Party

    HAPPY NEW YEARS EVERYONE . HOPE EVERYONE HAS A WONDERFUL 2017 . :ecstatic:groupdance:ecstatic
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    Happy Holidays | Best Wishes from the Monria Team

    Have a Merry Christmas everyone . Hope santa brought everything you wanted this year . :cheers2
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    Monria's Yule Yog Christmas Event | Includes Free Travel

    Had alot of fun at the event. Monria always has the best events . Gratz to all the winners.:clap:clap
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    Monria | 8 for the Road | A Bit of a Sandrunner Race

    Thanks for the video. It was so much funnn. I am so ready for round 2. :round2
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    Rosa & DME Water Surf on Calypso

    That was so much FUNNN
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    Cant login :(

    Check under the post ....known issue notice regarding release 15.11.0 . Maybe this will help. Known issue notice regarding: Entropia Universe Release 15.11.0
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    What will be next ??????

    Yea i like the afro alot better . He will get it back soon and then will not let me touch his hair again. Lol. ..... anyone want to be my friend and let me skill on them lol .
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