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    Server Downtime for Release

    What happened during this update? Logged on on and I can not rotate the camera or move in the direction I want to. Tried options menu, mouse clicks and drags, not a clue as to what to do and move where I want to go
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    Monria Sweat Circles

    Tremer, if you are new to sweating, start with the weakest Shoggoths in the tunnels from the first cave teleport. They stay in one place and respawn quickly. Great for learning on and building your evade skills, as they have a fast attack speed and very low damage. That is where I did my early...
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    Stolen Diary/Notebook - Part 3

    Keep them coming, love the diary style of story telling you are using
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    Small story of Kingu

    I love seeing more players adding their story to the history of Monria!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    Stolen Diary/Notebook - Part 2

    Great storyline you have there, lots of possibilities. I hope it will encourage others to write some as well
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    Only forwarding the idea of daily whips

    It s a good idea, I don't have any use for the daily guns offered, but whips, now that could be handy.
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    Monria 2019 | St Patrick's Day Event | Results

    Awesome update and event, grats to all the winners and thanks to the Monria team and players for all the work to make it a success
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    Monria VU 4.0 - The Celestial Prison

    Awesome, I am an NPC in the game. with my beloved Shoggoth's no less!!!!!!!
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    Monria VU 4.0 - The Celestial Prison

    Awesome, will have to come home soon and check it out :)
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    Entropia Universe Release Notes 16.0.0

    Well it seems I won’t be playing as often, or spending as much on EU as I used to, thanks to the new update. I had my interface set up so I could play with just a few mouse clicks, now I have to hunker over the keyboard to play. I used to play after work, just to relax, but no more, now...
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    Entropia Universe Release Notes 16.0.0

    Summoning the claims out of reach is not the problem, getting too the places is. Some of the rugged terrain I used to mine will not be worth the hassle now.
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    Entropia Universe Release Notes 16.0.0

    "Avatars can no longer ascend terrain steeper than 64 degrees." This will also pose a problem for me when mining, as I will now have to make large detours, and it will decrease the areas where I can mine. Also this restriction is far from realistic. Before one still could not climb a slope...
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    Entropia Universe Release Notes 16.0.0

    Thanks, I will get it figured out, just a pain, and I am sick so not feeling like messing with it at this time
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    Entropia Universe Release Notes 16.0.0

    All my old icons disappear as soon as I enter edit mode, the new ones that appeared on my screen can not be deleted. Not to mention no click to run is a real pain, and will ruin my spacing when mining, as I used that as a distance marker. If targeting now works like they say, it will also be a...
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