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    This will be a day of reflection ...

    My sincere condolences DME and your family. May God keep you strong through this tough time. ❤
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    Monria St Patrick's Day Event | Mar 13th & 14th | The Dark Side Continues to Rise

    Congrats to all winners and everyone who participated! What an amazing event! 🥳🥳
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    Virtualsense Volunteer Outfit Recipients & Why

    Congrats Avum and others you guys deserve it so much! What a lovely gift! :)
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    Virtualsense Event | Monria / Toulan Development Team Celebrates 5 Year Anniversary

    Happy 5th Year Anniversary Monria Team! I wish you continued success in your future endeavors! Cheers! :toast
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    Monria Buying Schedule Updated:

    Sophia Schedule : Every Monday- Wednesday - Friday 21:00-23:00 Avum Al Al - will be helping me buy stuff also when hes available just pm him. Monthly Events will always be there to support and buy. Please check full list of items we buy before trading. LINK HERE: ANGEL'S TRADING
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    Monria Boxing Ring | Ant & Shadow | Something out of the ordinary happened!!

    😂 you guys should do that more often... Its hilarious!!
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    Happy Birthday DME!

    Happy Birthday DME!! :happybirthday4🥰
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    Avum's Sweat Buying Program Effective Sep 1st, 2020

    Great job Avum! Keep it up! :thumbsup
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    Monria Buying Schedule Updated:

    My pleasure! Goodluck on your Monria Adventures! :)
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    Monria Buying Schedule Updated:

    Hi Monrians, I hope your doing fine and having great time. I will be alternating my schedules one for evening and morning. I will update the time. Im also grateful to Avum for helping me if im not around he will be buying at same rates. See you around Monria. :thumbsup
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    Monria Valentines Event | Shubs Need a Human Sacrifice | Sat, Feb 15th

    This time my guess will be : 395 (crossing fingers) :hi
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    Trading schedule survey..

    Thank you so much KartoFun! :highfive
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    Trading schedule survey..

    Thank you VeNgeNce! Your vote is much appreciated! :)
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    Trading schedule survey..

    I appreciate your vote and your feedback Kingu. Thank you! :toast
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