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    Sticky shore :)

    When you try to get out of the lake around [132753, 94597] you get stuck (apparently legs get under the surface of the steep banks). Reproduced it twice, so I believe the whole shore at the area has this problem.
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    NPCs & Missions

    Salam (132660,94190) "Welcome To Toulan" "Meet Bilal at The Citadel" Bilal (132630, 94070) "Hunt 10 Tabtab Young" gives Salafa Beginner (L) laser pistol and 0.30 ped of weapon cells upon receiving gives another 0.30 ped of weapon cells upon completion; "Meet Labiba the healer" Labiba...
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    This rare, immense lake monster is a creature of legends. Many villagers and travelers believe him to be a myth, and those who set out to find him quickly find themselves on a dangerous journey. Known to be directly linked to Nawa sources beneath Al Hawa Lake. The Wahesh emits Nawa energy in...
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    A desert reptile that can absorb Nawa through its skin, can easily adapt to different environments. Agi, Int, Psy, Sta, Str: Young L1 - 56, 5, 80, 6, 48 Mature L1 - 56, 5, 80, 8, 48 Old L2 - 56, 5, 82, 10, 48 Provider L2 - 56, 5, 82, 12, 48 Guardian - L2 56, 5, 84, 14, 48 Dominant - L3...
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    Request: A Specially Designed "Monria's Uber HoFs Boards"

    It's in their plans, I guess:
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    Suggestion: Monrian Cantina

    Put a full set of terminals and a TP within 10 meters of each other at the most ugly place on a planet, and people immediately will make it their home. Without it, a place will stay empty no matter how cool it is. Look at Twins vs PA, Celeste Quarry vs Harbor, RT Lagoon vs Tangerine, etc. And...
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    All lost chapters

    That's my thoughts, but Mikass would point that out, I guess? Unless they forgot themselves :)
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    All lost chapters

    Doesn't the "Part 1" note on the chapters 3 and 4 imply there are more parts of those?
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