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    What Floats your Musical Boat, At this Very Second :)

    Really long but it is GREAT for cleaning.
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    Guilty Pleasures

    I like making people feel guilty for realising how much they have compared to those nothing by showing them this song.
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    What's Wrong with this Generation | VERY Enlightening Video

    This is a VERY interesting video and it has some good points that are food for thought. I bookmarked it.
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    Monria Sweat Circles

    Yay sweat circles!
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    How is everyone's holidays?

    Just like the post topic how was everyones holidays? Mine was pretty interesting I developed a heart condition that will take months to heal. So mine has been interesting to say the least.
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    Monria chat

    I have said hello in the monria chat multiple times in the last 2 days but noone is ever in it, everyone is in rookie.
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    Hello I am new, unfortunately i had the pleasure of starting on the rock called Monria. I am new to Entropia and finding it quite enjoyable.
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