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  1. toecutter

    Daily DSEC hunting mission?

    I´m sure it has been suggested or even thought of but +1 for implementing a daily hunting mission then, preferably kinda like the one Ark has, even though they have a tuturial phase that can be skipped here... of now there´s the daily crafting mission, not sure if there´s a daily mining...
  2. toecutter

    Twitch Stream | Toecutter

    Heyas, Thought I create this thread, to alert the Monria community when I´m streaming, because I think it´s a fun way to make new friends & interact with others & I very much encourage others to do the same! :) Hope to see you guys & gals in chat! :D Kind regards! /toecutter Twitch Stream |...
  3. toecutter

    Another new forum member...

    Hello Monrians! :) New member here on forum, but been around for a few years ingame! Love to see what the new management will bring but must say it looks very promising! :) Cheers! :happy
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