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  1. Wookie

    Monria Tower 3

    Oooo voices guide me whisper in my mind how many more Towers will you let this Wookie find.....
  2. Wookie

    Nice HoF and Monria Tower Nr. 2

    Ye Ye, Monria was good to me last week :)
  3. Wookie

    Zoldenite second stage.

    I comleted the Zoldenite second stage yesterday and got to choose between 1.5 ped of mining or prospecting skill. Think its a bit strange MA didn't decide to put surveying in there tho I'm not complaining for the extra prospecting, for beginning surveyors this doesn't really make sense. Monria...
  4. Wookie

    My first Tower on Monria!

    Well Returns seemed decent in West Crater on ore with my eMINE FS and I tried some level 5 amps. N i got this nice little tower. I'm really getting into Monria now :) .
  5. Wookie

    Nice enmatter HoF, a good beginning !

    Well its a nice start! :) Was scouting enmatter in the South Crater with my F105 and hit this one. May many follow!
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