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  1. MadJack

    LCA Poetry

    The Love Craft Academy started out in 2016 With Okamisama, Eesti and some young players who were very keen Members such as MadJack and Darth Revan started to play Lots of players joined while others moved on or away A year later the leadership passed from Okamisama to MadJack The Society had...
  2. MadJack

    LCA News

    November 2020 Cyrene received the most votes as the place to go to for the next Society event. Therefore I am planning a trip to Cyrene for the society on the 2nd January to the 9th of January. If there is enough interest I'd pay for a flight to take us there. And there maybe some small ped...
  3. MadJack

    5th Birthday Anniversary Event For Love Craft Academy members only

    The Love Craft Academy is holding an event for their 5 th Anniversary which is on all day on the 2nd February 2021. Entropia Universe time. To qualify for the event you must have joined the Love Craft Academy before the 1st January 2021. As I don't want players just joining for the day...
  4. MadJack

    Love Craft Academy

    The Love Craft Academy is a Society in Entropia Universe. We have been a society since February 2016 and our founder was Okamisama. MadJack is the current Leader. We started as a society on Monria but now have members from all over the Entropia Universe. We also have all profession types in...
  5. MadJack

    Selling hunting loot from storage

    All but 2 items under Mark up majority of items 50% under Mark up Yog Skin 7.70ped at 101% Yog Tusk 0.10 175% Tab Tab Hide 0.05...
  6. MadJack

    Poem about my first week on EU as a Monrian Born

    Please note this is meant to be a fun poem and not meant to offend anyone. I may not have all the facts right as I am only a week old. If your not mentioned I probably have not met you yet. And please note I ahve used a fair bit of poetic licence. Virtual Entropia Universe © Chris Andrews...
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