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  1. Lady Ladyburn Land

    Typo in new crafting daily dialogue

    heya. Once you get offered the the 1000 attempts for the first time, there is a typo in the dialogue....crafting is spelt 'rafting'
  2. Lady Ladyburn Land

    Twitch Stream | Gholes

    Twitch Stream | Gholes Heya People, Please support my hubby in his new Twitch adventure. We will be supporting the Virtualsense community by streaming as many monthly events for both Monria and Toulan. He has his schedule on Twitch, so please feel free to drop by and check it out! Looking...
  3. Lady Ladyburn Land

    search bar for mob info?

    My apologies in advance if i am creating more work for anyone, but it would be really ace to have a search bar or filter option on the mob info forum...this would be a great tool for hunters looking for specific materials to hunt. Just a suggestion :)
  4. Lady Ladyburn Land

    looting pages while in team

    more a query than anything else...just wondering if it is possible to loot a page while in a team?
  5. Lady Ladyburn Land

    strange notification when entering Shamsdar card instance

    i didn't catch it all, but it was something like...'you are in luck and finish the instance to claim your reward'. this came across my screen as i entered Shamsdar card instance today. Never seen it before and have run the instance a fair few times now. I couldn't see any others that have...
  6. Lady Ladyburn Land

    CUHOF keys in team

    so i noticed a thing....the front interactive takes a key if you are in team, but the back interactive doesn't....bit of a waste of keys when you don't need a key going in as team? Unless i did something wrong, might be worth looking into. ooops didn't put this in the right spot
  7. Lady Ladyburn Land

    Find the dog tags daily repeatable - drop rate

    Heya...thought i'd test the noob mission for everyone. I shot over 400 juveniles, and only came up with 4/5 dog tags... I think considering to change the drop rate may be helpful for the new players, as i think 400 plus mobs may be too hard for them. Not sure if that is doable, but i think would...
  8. Lady Ladyburn Land

    Wahesh Stage 2 mission typo

    Crazy Fish has reported that upon reading the text for Wahesh Stage 2 Quwa Challenge, it states to kill 3000, but when he accepted the mission, it is to kill 400. [#toulan] [Crazy Fish]: The mission broker dialogue says hunt 3000, but when you accept the mission it says kill 400
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