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  1. Pinthas Schmenke Dorian

    Cryogenic Attack Nanochip III (UL) Looted

    While mining today in west crater, I killed a cultist fanatic and looted a Cryogenic Attack Nanochip III (UL)
  2. Pinthas Schmenke Dorian

    DSEC Seeker L30 Crafted

    I was able to craft this brand new DSEC Seeker L30. Check it out below. First one in game, will attempt more as the blueprint is limited to 32 clicks atm and no others have dropped...YET
  3. Pinthas Schmenke Dorian

    Mining Finds Tracked on Map for Training

    Here is a posting of some claims I found while mining West Crater. I was asked to post how I track the finds and how it helps to show me where I run to find more finds in a line or a cluster.. Hope this helps. P.S. Only a theory...:)
  4. Pinthas Schmenke Dorian

    Teleport II Chip (L) Found on Yog

    I recently spoke with an avatar who looted a Teleport II Chip (L) Wanted to put this out there as it is important to have teleport ability in the Craters to move around. Will put up a screenie if needed but thought all were aware of what they looked like.. Gratz on the great find. Pinthas
  5. Pinthas Schmenke Dorian

    Xeremite Found In Caves

    found Xeremite Today in the Cave system Between TP 3 and TP 4 in the open area..
  6. Pinthas Schmenke Dorian

    DSEC Seeker Amplifier II (L)

    Crafted this today and got a hof for first discovery.. Posting it for your review. Thanks
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