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    Unlocking blueprint comprehension with monria crafting daily

    Hey everyone, I know most ppl unlock BPC with MS repair skilling, I decided to do this with monria crafting daily. I want to show you my result and decide for yourself what's the better way. I don't know how to create a table so I'm attaching printscreen from spreadsheet I was using to log my...
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    Vibrant Sweat + (L) BPs

    Hey, I'm relatively new to Monria. I spend my days doing crafting daily then sweating Yogs while waiting for that mission's cooldown :) Anyway Yogs turned out to be the easiest mob to sweat in circle so I'm getting more sweat than I manage to sell to Crazyshadow :) I also got few (L) blueprints...
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    Hey Monrians

    Hey all, was doing a tour over all planets and stayed on Monria a little longer. Mostly to try its crafting daily but I also appreciate the community that seems to be more active than other lightly populated places like Toulan or Next Island :) Have good feeling about this place, if everything...
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