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  1. rojnaar

    Buying Monria Apartment

    Looking to buy an apartment on Monria.
  2. rojnaar

    Hoarders Closet

    A plethora of material from hunting/Mining on Monria and Calypso. I don't have a shop, an apartment, or a shopkeeper pad, and I despise the auction costs, so I'll post here with listing of some of what I have. If you need something, there's a good chance I might have it on Monria and I'm...
  3. rojnaar

    Garnets / Pile of Garnets

    Disregard, found what I needed in Crazyshadow's shop. :)
  4. rojnaar

    Rojnaar - semisober noob

    Hello all, I've been on EU for close to a week now. Still learning, and cringing at my mistakes, but managing to have fun with the game. Zircote was nice enough to lend me a ride to Calypso a few days ago, and just last night I had my first successful flight in my little Sleipnir, chugging...
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