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  1. kjellings

    Monria St Patrick's Day Event Winners

    WOW! thats totally unexpected :) me, cola and krasko thanks for a great event and the Cyreans in exile team would love to hunt more on your moon ;) the hof was recorded in stream btw.. a pretty long recording of our experience of event :) again, thanks for a great event...
  2. kjellings

    Monria's St Patrick's Day Event | Team Hunting Registration

    Team: Cyreans in exile on Monria Leader : kyiel kjellings hastings member: Krasimir krasko Tsvetanov member: Miss CoCa CoLa
  3. kjellings

    Toulan Stable (133969, 93124)

    I was hoping you would make some heavy duty nomad tents for this :) GL on the stable :)
  4. kjellings

    Mokhat in distress

    Hi there have been a mokhat doing some kind of wierd yoga or something all summer at pos: (131757,95178,120) Best regards and gl with the vu :) kjellings
  5. kjellings

    Clothing BP's and their product

    Innkeepers jacket -> Innkeepers coat
  6. kjellings


    gratulations to you :) cant wait to download the planet :)
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