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  1. larxene AJ

    society | ★The Friendly Dragons★☺

    🐉Motto 🐉 Fierce is the heart of a dragon this is why we are on a mission to find all the lost Dofus to revive the rest of dragon kind but that is not enough To be a dragon you have to master The Elements of Harmony Generosity, Honesty, Laughter, Kindness & Loyalty for together thay make...
  2. larxene AJ

    Toulan Volunteer Mentor - larxene AJ lighting

    🐉game experience: I made my account august 28th 2017, started on calypso as a F2P my first year so i could learn & grow my mentor gifted me a quad so i could explore. i mostly bounce around from planet to planet but always find my self drawn to toulan i love the storyline of the planet & its...
  3. larxene AJ

    CUHOF Begginer Key useless

    as one of the older toulaner,s i have 40X CUHOF Begginer Keys that door only takes nawa energy cells now can we have jasmina the key npc accept them for a limited time so we can get rid of our currently useless keys? if u set about getting rid or bring back her mission to kill some sunjoq...
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