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  1. KillerDawg

    Saturday, October 2, 2021 Repair run

    It was still loads of fun though. Sorry I couldn't stay longer. We had a great time at the party though. I took the family to a place called Salt Grass, really good food. So all in all, a really good day :wavinghands
  2. KillerDawg

    Saturday, October 2, 2021 Repair run

    I'm up for this. Hopefully I will be able to be online during the scheduled flight, if not I'll hire a ship to be there. It sure was fun last time.
  3. KillerDawg

    Saturday, September 18, 2021 Repair run

    Thank you for the trip, it was a
  4. KillerDawg

    Damage type test DSEC9

    What time? I'll try and come help heal.
  5. KillerDawg

    Monria Event | Decca Conspires with K'Tan Partathus

    Congrats to the winners. Was fun as always. Thank You VS team for all that you do. You guys and gals are the greatest. :jumpclap :cheer
  6. KillerDawg

    Toulan Secret SAGE Event! 30th July

    It was great Mr. Wrench. :thumbsup :jumpclap Thanks for letting me hang with you guys healing and synching. Was a load of fun for me. :cool:
  7. KillerDawg

    Monria MiniSage April 2021 Edition

    Excellent as always. Great job Mr Wrench and Miss Bonnie. :jumpclap :thumbsup :wavinghands:shooting
  8. KillerDawg

    Minimal presence in game until Monday or Tuesday Apr 19th or 20th

    The new ones look nice, and will be with you for a good while. Would have look really cool with RGB memory :D But oh my, that spaghetti.
  9. KillerDawg

    Hello from Wrench Crowbar

    Happy 1 year of superb streaming Mr Wrench. :cheer I am glad that I found your stream that one fine day, it has been great to watch you grow it. And thank you for being a great supporter of the community, both with your time and the events that you and your great crew do. :jumpclap
  10. KillerDawg

    Planet Toulan 'The New Frontier'

    Good write up sir, and of course you will be seeing me there as well. :thumbsup The VS team has done a spectacular job and I am really enjoying myself. Hopefully one day I will have an apartment on Toulan as well. :)
  11. KillerDawg

    Launching Toulan Monthly Event | Guardian Village | Dec 18th - 20th

    This will be my first trip to Toulan, looking forward to some new exploration. 🗺 GL and have fun everyone.
  12. KillerDawg

    Hello from Wrench Crowbar

    Thank you Morrath and the Wrench Crowbar crew. :thumbsup You guys are the greatest. That was a total shock to say the least. Thank you Miss Kendra. :peace
  13. KillerDawg

    Monria Event | The Message is Very Clear | Sat - Sep 19th

    Grats to the winners. :jumpclap Another fine and fun event... :thumbsup Thank you Virtual Sense team, you did a great job as always. :cool:
  14. KillerDawg

    Avum's Sweat Buying Program Effective Sep 1st, 2020

    Good job and good luck Avum. I'll for sure help you whenever I can buddy.
  15. KillerDawg

    Hello from Wrench Crowbar

    Great job on the movie Mr. Wrench. Thank you to Leshrac and CoTS, and all who participated. I really enjoyed it.
  16. KillerDawg

    Yogs gave me a nice surprise.

    WOW, big gratz for that.:wavinghands Now that's how to start a day.
  17. KillerDawg

    Monria Event | Dark Side of the Moon Rising | Sat, Aug 15th

    Congrats to the winners, had loads of fun as always. Thank you Monrian team for the event.
  18. KillerDawg

    Hello from Wrench Crowbar

    You do great work Mr Wrench and you really do help new people learn this game. I glad that I can help with the small contributions that I make to you and your team. Keep it up man, one day you will help raise a new uber 👏
  19. KillerDawg

    The Dunwich Horror visits the Shoggs.

    He snuck out through the barrier, I just know it. 🤣 He's a sneaky little bugger like that.
  20. KillerDawg

    Hello from Wrench Crowbar

    Was great watching you work Wrench. :bravo I'm looking forward to the release once it get edited. :jumpclap Thanks for what you do man.
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