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  1. Gredrrik Malgar

    Mission: Retrieve Resources for DEC I - Aqeeq tally.

    Bug. When digging up a claim for Aqeeq the mission marked off as completed "find 160 Aqeeq stone" but a lower amount was found. Working. Attempting to hand this in, indicates the amount is incorrect. Expectation. Once the claim for Aqeeq has been dug up, the actual amount mined vs the mission...
  2. Gredrrik Malgar

    Found ShadowDragonV's Secret Virtualsense Codex Entries.

    We all know she's beaten up Ant in the boxing ring a few times but never expected it to already have reached the repeatable ranks! i wonder truely what that's sitting on now... Seems there is evidence of Shadow knocking DME out of Toulan's PvP ring, but once you become immortal it seems to...
  3. Gredrrik Malgar

    Monria | Codex Rank Rewards

    Monria | Codex Skill set 1 (Ranks 1, 2, 6, 7, 11, 12, 16, 17, 21, 22 and 26) Aim, Anatomy, Athletics, BLP Weaponry Technology, Combat Reflexes, Dexterity, Handgun, Heavy Melee Weapons, Laser Weaponry Technology, Light Melee Weapons, Longblades, Power Fist, Rifle, Shortblades, Weapons Handling...
  4. Gredrrik Malgar

    8K Ghirus the Elder

    Seems Nugget brought me some luck on my first hunt wih him :highfive
  5. Gredrrik Malgar

    New Revive | Yog Wave in Caves | Boss Combat Tokens

    Yog wave, revive back to TP2. Yog boss did not drop combat tokens.
  6. Gredrrik Malgar

    New Revive | Shub Wave in Shub Cavern | Boss Combat Tokens

    Shub wave, revive back at the shub cavern TP. Shub boss drop combat tokens.. untested.
  7. Gredrrik Malgar

    New Revive | Shoggoth Wave in Caves | Boss Combat Tokens

    Shoggoth wave inside the cave, Revived back at TP2 and Shoggoth boss did not drop combat tokens.
  8. Gredrrik Malgar

    New Revive | Cultist Wave in Cave | Boss Combat Tokens

    Cultist wave in the cave's has no revive, respawned back at the revive by TP3 + Cultist wave boss did not drop combat tokens.
  9. Gredrrik Malgar

    DSEC BLP Amp V2 (L) Blueprint (L)

    Materials Value : 8.25 PED
  10. Gredrrik Malgar

    DSEC Laser Amp v2 (L) Blueprint (L)

    Materials Value : 6.92 PED
  11. Gredrrik Malgar

    Yog : Kyghis The Tormented

    Just wanted to note, Yog wave spawns don't seem to be spawning the lvl 47 Yog, I have done cave and crater waves a few times and I've noticed they have not been spawning since the Monria update 4.0. Not sure if anyone can confirm their sighting's, perhaps they have become rare spawns ? although...
  12. Gredrrik Malgar

    Frolicking in other dimensions..

    It's peaceful here... more than you'd expect from the insane.
  13. Gredrrik Malgar

    Monria Mythos Artifacts

    Good Morning (It's always morning somewhere) I had the curious idea what the thought on Treasure mining on Monria. Now I've no idea if this has been discussed before in the past, i just think having H.P based artifacts (there's a ton in this universe) as the "treasure" mining would be a nice...
  14. Gredrrik Malgar

    The Gathering at Military Camp

    Not sure if it's by design or a bug (likely the latter) but it seems the cultist wave at military camp has not been updated, the Boss wave sets at wave 5 and the boss of the round is the level 42 Cultist and not the Level 86.
  15. Gredrrik Malgar

    Monria Volunteer Mentors | Gredrrik Alhakekhist Malgar

    Greetings to any who may wander across this, first off i'm fairly new to Entropia compaired to some other avatars but that doesn't stop me, so don't let it stop you. Origianlly Caly born in 2013, once i arrived to Monria the first time i knew right then and there, this was a place to call home...
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