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    Ahlan's Old Vehicle

    I noticed Ahlan's Old Vehicle has a C,L for "customizable, Limited" I wanted to texture it but im not able to add textures to any field. Same goes with colors. At the moment its not customizable as the "C" suggests. ~Legacy~
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    Bahar the mining guide

    last couple of days there have been 2 counts of new arrivals having trouble accepting Bahar the mining guide mission. the details im told are as follows: they turn in a mission to Imran, after a dialogue, Imran says to speak to Bahar the mining guide...she presses OK, with no mission...
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    Info for New Arrivals

    1. If you are needing to find Labiba, she is in Nahar City standing next to the NawaCore Agent. 2. When you get to Nahar Outfit Stage 3, dont go to duhol caves and loot chests. they dont work anymore. Just mine enmatters for your nawa. I can be found in Nahar City apts or Guardian...
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    Planet Toulan Comics

    If you havent read the comics, here ya go! Enjoy!! I read somewhere about a "door of darkness". but its not mentioned in the comics, im not sure where i read about it. is that...
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    3 pec to enter cuhof.

    i completed the cuhof 1 four times today. this last time i noticed it pinched .03 pec from my ped card. is that intentional or a fluke? im not complaining about 3 pec or anything. just seemed kind of weird. i pulled 100 ped ammo and zero'd my ped card then when i tried to enter with my nawa...
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    broken broadcast terminal

    i found a broadcast terminal that doesnt work. tried the url and nothing came up. [Planet Toulan, 136402, 90343, 157, Waypoint]
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    The First Nawa Energy Core Ever Crafted!!

    My friend crafted the first nawa energy core!
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    yahib and sham inventory icon

    the icon for yashib and sham are showing only a red "X". Also an NPC at the citadel is floating like 10 inches off the ground. just figured id post the bugs. so far these are the only 2 ive seen. ill update if i see any more.
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    any ideas when the apartments will become available? really looking forward to purchasing my first apartment!
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    NPC Azraq

    Does anyone know where to find the NPC Azraq?
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    Cold Cuts Research

    After Patch notes said cold cuts research now requires different loot. 3-14-19 is supposed to have different requirements. today is 3-20-19 and its still not the case. requires the same loot. i spent another 25ped just to be sure. so far brings my total to around 150ped spent on caborias...
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