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  1. NevadaJake

    HoF: The Horns of Z'agol (M)

    I was just hunting Shubs for the Daily Tokens and suddenly found the final chapter for the [The Horns of Z'agol (M)].
  2. NevadaJake

    Does taming a mob count towards its Codex?

    I heard that the Codex is coming to Monria soon. Does anyone know if the Leprechaun Taming Daily Mission will count towards the Codex? (Does taming a mob count for the Codex, or do you have to kill it?)
  3. NevadaJake

    Will the Codex be arriving in September 2020?

    Will MindArk be bringing the Codex and locking the mission chains September 2020? Do we have any information on this yet?
  4. NevadaJake

    Anyone have a location for a good spawn of Mokhat?

    I need to kill a bunch of Mokhat but the spawn I found from the Daily mission is very poor and mixed with other mobs. does anyone know of a non-mixed spawn?
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