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  1. Kendra

    No turret at Al~Nahar Doors.

    You're amazing Eleni I wanted to do the love AND laugh emoji. so here you go 😍 🤣
  2. Kendra

    Where are my pants quest bug

    Thanks Polo :) There is a fix for this in the patch :)
  3. Kendra

    Toulan Trousers (F)

    This fix should be in the patch :)
  4. Kendra

    Typo: Where's My Pet Completion Dialogue

    Thanks :)
  5. Kendra

    Fat Mokhat

    Wow Nice :)
  6. Kendra


    Hey Eleni You need a Nawacore MK 3 to do the Citizen mission. If you don't have one the dialogue will tell you that you need one. You do not need anything for Khalil's mission, he just likes to make new friends. :)
  7. Kendra

    Crackers confusion

    Thanks little star This should be clearer in the patch. reading it back I can see where it is confusing. I thought it was just my kids who didn't understand me 🤪
  8. Kendra

    The Magic Within The Caves

    The magic carpet mission is just a hand in mission. So if you go to yasmina she tells you about what she needs. If you have the requirements you can hand them in. And if you don’t the mission ends. I hope this explains it 🙂 PS. I want CUHOF rum too 🥴
  9. Kendra

    Protect the coop // Begginer mission.

    Thanks Eleni. I’ll take a look at these two :)
  10. Kendra

    The wood cutters helper

    Sorry My mistake It'll be fixed in the patch It should be 1.5PED UA and and2 Mirsal tokens :)
  11. Kendra

    THE Armor Shop, now on Toulan!

    Nice one Hally :)
  12. Kendra

    Happy VS Team 6 Year Anniversary | 11/26/15 - 11/26/21 | Walk Down Memory Lane

    6 years .... Wow 🥳 It's like having kids, you can't remember when they weren't part of your life. ☺🥰 You DME are so wonderful and definitely the mom of the team. massively understanding and patient with certain members ehem :hi and totally awesome with our growing family. We have met a lot...
  13. Kendra

    1299 PED Mokhat Old Alpha

    Oooh that is a nice Mokhat 🥳
  14. Kendra

    Hello Everyone !

    Welcome to the Forum Kami :)
  15. Kendra

    Baraka Thigh and Shins (F)

    Looking stunning Eleni 😍
  16. Kendra

    Welcome to the PitStop

    Well done Heidi :)
  17. Kendra

    Few picture from my large Toulan apartment floor4-apartemnt a :)

    Wow that apartment looks fantastic. 🥰
  18. Kendra

    A peek into the world of Deatz

    OMG that's scary, I'm glad you're okay.
  19. Kendra

    Hi there!

    Hey N1x Welome :)
  20. Kendra

    Greetings Toulan

    Welcome to Toulan and the forum :)
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