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  1. Darkos

    NPCs & Missions

    She is saying she only has waypoint for 2 of the statues. But then gives hints to where the others are. one went to the South near the dam, and the other North near the waterfall. then i havent said too much ;) GL :cool:
  2. Darkos

    Planet Toulan Release Notes 14.7

    Hey where did you find that mission Miles? i think i have done all but havent seen a mission like that. thx mate :)
  3. Darkos

    Planet Toulan Release Notes 14.7

    wow nice update :) but the new NPCs dont Work, and azis the fisherman dont have any of the new daily missions. But tabtab wave Works fine, and thats gonna be alot of fun. The Boss is hilarious i love that you gave him pants to Wear ;) Hopefully we will be enough there later to kill him (lvl...
  4. Darkos

    New ore and enmatter locations

    I found mamnoon where he mentioned the other day but that was a first time for me. Usually i found it on the West coast run from sandy shores South and North or along the West coast. :cool:
  5. Darkos

    Server downtime for patch

    Could it be the missing zeraf armor parts :o
  6. Darkos

    How to beginn? Beginner Quest?

    No doubt its for crafting but the bps havent been discovered yet. I noticed at Citaldel, at the round tables near the terminals, that there are many weapons for display there, none of wich has been found or crafted yet. But they look very nice :) Darko
  7. Darkos

    Sabab Finder

    Just had a look in the toulan bp book, and there are spots for both M3, M4 and M5 finders, but the bps looks like L. Darko
  8. Darkos

    Sabab Finder

    Lol nice, just did a run with it and my return was pretty crap but did noticed i found more of the rare stuff with it. (sham and youd) and good question aswell Miles, never thought about looking in the order section. but now we are on the topic have you found any better bps for excavator...
  9. Darkos

    Sabab Finder

    i Crafted the sabab finder M2 today just for fun and the stats on it wasnt to bad i think. im wondering if anyone crafted some higher ones M3 and up? Darko
  10. Darkos

    Zeraf shin and thigh guards

    lol clown armor? But about the blueprints, does it make sense to you that helmet and thigh guard should be crafted. Unless maybe some UL version of these armors are to be found in crafting in the future. Darko :p
  11. Darkos

    Zeraf shin and thigh guards

    Im sorry to keep bringing up the zeraf armor. But Ezio was so kind to point out to me that in the toulan blueprint book there is a Space for zeraf helmet and zeraf thighs blueprints. And Helmet is allready looted on khaffash so i think it might be a mistake maybe? ;) Or anyone tried crafting...
  12. Darkos

    Zeraf shin and thigh guards

    it has been almost a month since the first zeraf armor was discoverred, but we havent found any shin or thigh guards yet. so im thinking this might be a bug or its just not activated yet? i relly love the look of the new armor but feel like im looking like hobo not wearing the shins and thighs ;)
  13. Darkos

    Zeraf armor harness MALE

    haha nvm i finally looted it :D :D :D huray!!
  14. Darkos

    Zeraf armor harness MALE

    I would really like to buy this harness if anyone has one. Killed 100 jeef qaher now wihtout looting a single male harness :( So i kind of gave up on looting it my self. Looted lots of female parts but male parts seems to be dropping rarely, the male arms i only looted once, but atleast i...
  15. Darkos

    Zeraf armor

    np :) but wasnt shin and thigh guard discovered allready? EDIT: yes they havent been discovered yet hehe :o
  16. Darkos

    Zeraf armor

    Zeraf armor. Khaffas loot: Helmet, foot and gloves Jeef loot: Harness and arms. Anyone know where thighs and shins loot? Thank you.
  17. Darkos

    when did they nerf the starter gun?

    I think he meen that max tt on the gun shows as 0.05 ped but it has 0.31 ped on it.
  18. Darkos

    June VU Bug Thread.

    just relog, shoudl Work fine Again :)
  19. Darkos

    Laser rifles

    Ah yes forgot they are 70 ped tt, Katie even told me few days ago. 70 ped is a bit to much imo for gun that size, but if u loot any low tt ones like 10 ped (fatal shot) i wouldnt mind buying one.
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