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  1. Anthony Gray Stark

    bug found at cave 4 TP

    while i was hunting in cave 4 tp area or more like dieing in cave 4 tp :laugh i found my first bug it seems if you lure the shubs in cave 4 into the water you get a few pec in shrapnel
  2. Anthony Gray Stark

    TT yog slaughterhouse

    I'm setting up a TT sword yog slaughter event :ninja2 we will be doing it this 22nd at the wave run in the caves after the yamato runs if interested please post here i will buy some swords to hand out to new players if there are any interested :toast
  3. Anthony Gray Stark

    DME's new Armor Rutuba

    Gratz DME :toast P.S. it kinda makes me think of wonder woman cause of how it looks fitting isn't it lol :twocentsm
  4. Anthony Gray Stark

    Warp Drive Initiated

    I thought some people might want to see what happens on the outside of the mother ship while its warping because it was my first time and was awesome i took some screenshots :cool:
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