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  1. WangXiang

    Selling Large Apartment -- SOLD

    Selling Nahar Towers, Apartment B (L) - Floor 3 Large Apartment 250 Item Points SOLD Please make your offer via PM. PED only. This is not an auction. I would prefer a buyer who is engaged with the community, or is Monria/Toulan born. Wangxiang WangXiang Tuxing
  2. WangXiang

    NFT Items

    The introduction of (some) NFT items (for example weapons, armors, etc. and even land areas) into the game might deserve some thoughts. Sure, a planet partner cannot do this alone and MA would have to be involved. What is an NFT? A non-fungible token (NFT) is a special type of cryptographic...
  3. WangXiang

    Thawr Divine seemingly disappeared

    For the record, Thawr Divine seems to have disappeared from its usual location West of Narian Temple after last VU.
  4. WangXiang

    Toulan Pet Stable Shop - Inventory List

    TOULAN PET STABLE OUTSIDE GUARDIAN VILLAGE (outside booth table, outside shopkeeper, inside shack and shopkeeper inside shack) CURRENT INVENTORY LIST (as of 12/28/21) @ ( OUTSIDE BOOTH TABLE ) * Jamjoom Wipeout (L) * Sahra MK2 (L) * Ophidian Blade M4 (L) * Dominax Original Moccasin (L) *...
  5. WangXiang

    Old Taming Karmoosh Lateef Mission

    I started the old Taming Karmoosh Lateef mission a long time ago and I had completed all the waves except the Thawr wave. It means that I only have to do the Thawr wave and kill the last boss to complete the mission. But I just checked my mission log and I don't find the Taming Karmoosh Lateef...
  6. WangXiang

    Imposible to update to 17.3.1 - EU certificate revoked

    I cannot update to VU 17.3.1. During the update process I get the message "This application has been blocked for your protection". I run Windows 10 (up-to-date). I tried on another laptop and I get the same blocking message. I can't even reinstall EU, with the same message. It seems the...
  7. WangXiang

    Toulan Stable is only Shop on Planet!

    Toulan Stable: The only shop on the planet! The Toulan Stable has recently been upgraded. It now includes a booth and a shack. The booth (stall and shopkeeper) mainly proposes weapons, mindchips and tools. The shack has armor parts, clothes, pets and other items for sale. Visit the Toulan...
  8. WangXiang

    Hunting Solo in Fauna & Flora Building

    I tried to enter instances to hunt "Calypso" mobs in the Fauna & Flora Building. But you can't enter solo and if I create a team for me (as unique member of the team) there is a message saying that the team must have at least 2 members. Is this a feature or is it a bug? Is there a possibility...
  9. WangXiang

    Visit the Stable!

    A nice surprise! With Planet Toulan Release 20.2, the Guardian Village Stable has been updated into a large building and it includes a shack and a booth. It is located near the lake [133990, 93132]. The Pet Center Management terminal currently offers the following buffs: I am the owner of...
  10. WangXiang

    New Pets Introduced with Monria VU 3.0

    I have updated Entropiapets with information about the 5 new pets that have been discovered on Monria Intro Taming and Pets in Entropia Universe Pictures and Locations Pets Pet Features and Buffs Pet Features and Buffs
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  12. WangXiang

    Monria Stable

    The Monria stable is up and running. It is located close to the West Crater teleporter. The Pet Center Manager currently offers the three following buffs: Note: These buffs apply to the pet owner (and not to the actual pet). They act in the same way as buffs provided by consumables but...
  13. WangXiang

    CUHOF 02 Mission Solo

    I was able to make the first attempt for CUHOF 02 Mission Solo (by providing the corresponding key) but Yasmina refuses to give me access to the second attempt, although it is said that I am entitled to 3 attempts. I created a support case.
  14. WangXiang

    Generic Fuse

    I think it would be nice to have a Monria mob dropping Generic Fuse...
  15. WangXiang

    Selling Apartment

    Selling an apartment Location: Cthulhu Tower 4F (6th floor) BO: 800 PED Note: The estate for sale is an apartment, NOT a shop. PED only. This is not an auction. Wangxiang WangXiang Tuxing
  16. WangXiang

    Advertisement Board does not seem to work anymore

    Seems to be frozen... Working again now :)
  17. WangXiang

    Wang's Moon Shop - Inventory List

    Wang's Moon Shop (Cthulhu Tower, Shop #2) has been open for business continuously since November 2013 and offers a wide choice of weapons, mindforce chips, tools, armor parts and clothes. A special VIP Area also proposes unusual and rare items for sale. Be sure to check the 2nd floor for items...
  18. WangXiang

    Tamable boss mobs

    My suggestion: Make some of the boss mobs tamable (for example, Persecutor of Abyss, Proselyte of Shut'thend, Shub Permagonia the Abandoned, Tempest the Eradicator, Shub-Niggurath...). Possibly make these bosses rarer in order to increase the challenge (finding and taming the mob).
  19. WangXiang


    I have updated my website on taming and pet handling with new content following VU 15.3 and Planet Partner Releases : New pets, passive effects, ComPet Testing information. You suggestions are welcome :)
  20. WangXiang

    Generic Fuse?

    Generic Fuse is an important item that is required to craft Warp Drives. Warp Drives are extensively used by spaceships for interplanetary flights. May I suggest to introduce Generic Fuse in loot on Planet Toulan? It has a high MU (around 700% currently) and it would be nice to get Generic Fuse...
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