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  1. Deatz

    Minor Tweak to Event Area Suggestion

    Good day, after hosting an event in the event area today I would like to suggest a minor tweak. I would propose that the LA boundary be expanded to include the Event Terminal and Turret. This would allow a host to view the event dashboard without having to be in the aggro area and also would...
  2. Deatz

    EVENT | Toulan Event Island | 11/25 @ 1400 Game time

    ***Come Grind Codex*** 225 Ped in prizes at stake Free Event 11/25 @ 1400 on Toulan Go to the Global Event List to get your ticket before they are gone!!! This is a total loot event, not an HSL as the event says. Sorry for the confusion :)
  3. Deatz

    A peek into the world of Deatz

    I've been in game since May of 2008 and ground away to become a primary owner in two shops, partner in one here on Monria, and a Pathfinder owner. In real life I am a father, grandfather, brother and independent contractor leased onto a major refrigerated logistics carrier in the United States...
  4. Deatz

    Who needs a Quad when you can Crane to RT?

    Does this silly stuff happen to anyone else?
  5. Deatz

    Scuba Shubs Adventure

    Apparently the Shub can now breathe and fight under water.
  6. Deatz

    Impressive art work

    While cleaning out my screen shot folder I found this one . Although it is of a baby global I found the detail in the art work amazing and figured I would share.
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