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    XXIII Oil

    Nice!! Keep it up! :)
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    XXIII Oil

    Very possible! ;)
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    XXIII Oil

    Nice find! Do it again for the mining event! :)
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    Monria is too clean?

    Just got to Monria last night for the first time. The music is awesome and the graphics are great! Yes more dead things lying around would add to the atmosphere! Even got a nice 10 global on a yog. More to explore. ;)
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    Shub xanthippe 1841 ped :))

    Twin turbo gratz!! ;) sorry had to one up this awesome gratz! :D
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    Two Unamped Hofs in a roll...

    That's the way I like my mining hof''s, un amped!! ;) now to get one of my own!! :() Gratz!! :)
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    Platform update preview (Creature Corpses Info)

    How they should add to this is leave the ava's dead corpses lying around for a bit as well. So when you come across a cave with 30 heaped bodies, you know one nasty mofo resides there. Giving more ambiance to planet! :D
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