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    Shopkeeper Inventory List

    atm i have three shopkeepers: INVENTORY LISTS FOR 3 SHOPKEEPERS (as of 8/9/20) @ ( SHOPKEEPER APT ENTRANCE ) * Finder F-101 * Qty 4 * Resource Extractor RE-101 * Qty 4 * Imperium Resource Refiner B1 * Qty 2 * Explosive Projectiles Blueprint 1 * Qty 2 * Ozpyn Force Arm Guards (F,L) *...
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    What items should i bring to Monria?

    Hi guys, recently i won an appartment on monria and i'm willing to put my three shopkeepers in it to use it as shop so, i would like to know what kind of items most monrians need i can craft all vivos, gyro fap-35 and some other gyro faps also. i have plenty rk-5/rk-20 tools and i can craft...
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