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  1. Netvalar

    Portables, Mining, etc.

    Portables restocked still need to work on the others
  2. Netvalar

    Sweat Shop

    ok just looked over the sweat shop info and am ready for it to be back in action however I am looking for a better way to communicate out of game so that I can better arrange timing of meet ups in game.
  3. Netvalar

    Imports and Exports section now gone

    Import listing moved to repair skilling section as these are the only 2 imports I am currently working with
  4. Netvalar

    Space Skilling Stock Now in

    well these are restocked will be moving the WW crafting mats over to here as I won't be operating the import/export except on limited items and behind the scenes
  5. Netvalar

    smart phone alerts

    Looking for a way to have responses to specified threads alert me on my smart phone (inefficient little device connected to my hip) I tested a couple of apps googled Xenforo specific apps and now decided to throw my question out into the wilds of these webs????? The watch thread option looks...
  6. Netvalar

    Temp closure ended

    Important news in update regarding the temporary closure of all projects operated EML. Though I admit I thought I posted a shutdown notice couple months ago and this was supposed to be an update. I blame old age for my idiocy.
  7. Netvalar

    Enhancers Now in Stock

    Weapon Damage enhancers now added along with armor durability II
  8. Netvalar

    Temp closure ended

    Due to random demand I have added welding wire BP to my buy list at a decent MU outside of AH. Though I personally think this BP is good for additional skill gains for early crafters. And the imports can be found at a couple different shops on Monria too.
  9. Netvalar

    Happy Birthday | " Anhithe "

    I hope you had a wonderful birthday yesterday Ant
  10. Netvalar

    10k Missions - Kill Point System

    I like the point system idea, however lets play devils advocate and look at those missions using points. For game balance we have missions where stage 5 = 12,000 points some where stage 5 = 30,000 I see 1 where stage 5 = 72,000 points. For that to be added to Monria we would be looking at each...
  11. Netvalar

    EML helping you start your crafting profession

    What do the below mean? Success = 35%+MU Returned Materials and Residue (RMR) = 90% - 35% Returned Value (RV) = Success + RMR Profit/Loss = RV - Cost When you are crafting something you get 1 of 3 results success, Near success, or Failure. Success is easy to figure a number for and then add...
  12. Netvalar

    Portables, Mining, etc.

    added grenade launchers upstairs skildeck 40 for now 2 different TT values so price not posted as of yet. By the time you read this I may have the Eraktor ES 10 with price listed
  13. Netvalar

    Enhancers Now in Stock

    I see that updating I have armor defense I didn't get done few weeks ago shame on me
  14. Netvalar

    LOOT and ORE Buying

    This is GREAT!!!! I love it and gives me a name to send folks to who ask YEA!!! On a side note Maladrite sells quickly on Caly AH not a slow mover. I hold until I have 120 Peds worth then export to Cally sells within 3 days half the time the same day. Here is my Buying List Now who else has a...
  15. Netvalar

    Clearance Sale

    hmm?? I may be looking for additional items to place in this room any thoughts?
  16. Netvalar

    Portables, Mining, etc.

    yea 4 Sleipners sold however no space thrusters, I hope the buyers know to get a thruster so they can ply the spaceways.
  17. Netvalar

    Monria | 12 Hr Global Prize Giveaway | Yog Valentine Distraction

    I think it will be close but not quite 1k globals more then 900 so if I had to guess I think I would go with 978
  18. Netvalar

    The Love Craft Academy is recruiting

    decided to join up this society gave me a warm welcome. Take a look at the home link mentioned above and decide for yourself if this is the society for you?
  19. Netvalar

    TTHunt != (++TTWeapon or –TTWeapon) ; Rem Can I use ASI-R

    This looks like a good set of guidelines so who is setting up the next team hunt?
  20. Netvalar

    Portables, Mining, etc.

    Start traveling the stars on your own time Sleipner in shopkeeper between welding wire and RK-5. Space thrusters upstairs.
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