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  1. KillerDawg

    Monria Event | The Message is Very Clear | Sat - Sep 19th

    Grats to the winners. :jumpclap Another fine and fun event... :thumbsup Thank you Virtual Sense team, you did a great job as always. :cool:
  2. KillerDawg

    Avum's Sweat Buying Program Effective Sep 1st, 2020

    Good job and good luck Avum. I'll for sure help you whenever I can buddy.
  3. KillerDawg

    Hello from Wrench Crowbar

    Great job on the movie Mr. Wrench. Thank you to Leshrac and CoTS, and all who participated. I really enjoyed it.
  4. KillerDawg

    Yogs gave me a nice surprise.

    WOW, big gratz for that.:wavinghands Now that's how to start a day.
  5. KillerDawg

    Monria Event | Dark Side of the Moon Rising | Sat, Aug 15th

    Congrats to the winners, had loads of fun as always. Thank you Monrian team for the event.
  6. KillerDawg

    Hello from Wrench Crowbar

    You do great work Mr Wrench and you really do help new people learn this game. I glad that I can help with the small contributions that I make to you and your team. Keep it up man, one day you will help raise a new uber 👏
  7. KillerDawg

    The Dunwich Horror visits the Shoggs.

    He snuck out through the barrier, I just know it. 🤣 He's a sneaky little bugger like that.
  8. KillerDawg

    Hello from Wrench Crowbar

    Was great watching you work Wrench. :bravo I'm looking forward to the release once it get edited. :jumpclap Thanks for what you do man.
  9. KillerDawg

    Monria Event | DQSI Detects Tower Communications

    Grats to all the winners. And thank you for another great event Monria team. :D
  10. KillerDawg

    Monria Event | DQSI Detects Tower Communications

    Great video, I like how it ignored you too. :D
  11. KillerDawg

    Hello from Wrench Crowbar

    YAY, good luck with the movie, sadly I am at work when you stream otherwise I would be there myself. Hope it all goes well and may you get some excellent footage. KD
  12. KillerDawg

    Hello from Wrench Crowbar

    Really enjoyed it sir. Looking forward to what you conjure up for Monria. If I am available I'm all up for giving a helping hand as well. Have fun and good luck out there.
  13. KillerDawg

    Hello from Wrench Crowbar

    Welcome to the forums sir. I am always glad to help those that help others, especially new players to EU.:bravo You do good work just like the Monria team. :yourock Enjoy your visits and please come back often, the moon is a great place to be. :wavinghands
  14. KillerDawg

    Monria Event | Decca Masterminding Something Sinister

    Looking forward to participating, however small it may be this time. RL is getting in the way these last few weeks. Good luck to everyone, and most important, have fun.
  15. KillerDawg

    Highest Sweater Count on Monria Sweat Circle Today

    Good job guys. :bravo:wavinghands It keeps growing, Soon you'll break 25 :jumpclap
  16. KillerDawg

    Sweating circle

    It definitely was a challenge on my end, thankfully Elzarek was there to take up the slack. :jumpclap Oh and I posted my picture on Discord.
  17. KillerDawg

    Sweat Circle. Monrian way!

    Thanks for posting rafael, I really enjoy hanging out with you guys. It is usually the best part of my day and a really good way to wind down. I thank you and all of the great Monrian sweaters. :thumbsup:toast
  18. KillerDawg

    Outside the Dome.

    Great work I like it. :highfive
  19. KillerDawg

    Monria VU 4.2 - The Order of the Elder Gods

    About two or three weeks ago I got my chapter 2, about halfway through the 5k mission. Still looking for the others, and I am on the second 10k on Shoggs. I'll get them when I get them. Something for the future when I get the UL set I want to merge with the horns. :)
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