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  1. Sith Meister

    OTIS Commander

    We have come across a few times to do the OTIS Commandeer and it either has been killed already or not re-spawned. This is for the cross-over mission. Could we look at possibly having a button to be added so that the person completing the mission has a chance to spawn it directly by the person...
  2. Sith Meister

    Yamato funds flights

    Bella and Count are currently away on holiday and came across this. We always wondered how the Yamato was funded to help us all travel freely. It also explains why Ant and Kendra have Pizza nights.
  3. Sith Meister

    Shop Inventory

    Sith Family Shop Updated (2021) GUNS * ArMatrix BP-10 (L) * * ArMatrix BP-15 (L) * * ArMatrix BP-20 (L) * * ArMatrix BP-25 (L) * * ArMatrix BC-10 (L) * * ArMatrix BC-15 (L) * * ArMatrix BC-20 (L) * * ArMatrix BC-25 (L) * * ArMatrix LR-10 (L) * * ArMatrix LR-15 (L) * * ArMatrix LR-20 (L) * *...
  4. Sith Meister

    Monria Apartment

    Looking to Buy an Apartment 2k ped ready :) Cheers Sith
  5. Sith Meister

    10k Mission missing after update

    Please see below from Bella's support case. ____________________________________________________________________________ With the new update on Monria I have lost my 10k mission for shog, cult and yog. The only one I do have is the shub. Could these be reinstated please. thank you for your...
  6. Sith Meister

    Most tempting target

    This was such a tempting target, but had to resist.
  7. Sith Meister


    I was unable to get a pic as I was tooo slow, however, here is my HoF. Was a great day. It was all Shrapnel but still a great loot. Cheers Sith
  8. Sith Meister

    Toulan Instance Loot

    I have been running instances and really enjoying them, however, I do not seem to be getting any mob specific loot eg. hides or animal parts. I realised this and came to the conclusion that it may not be working as intended. Could animal parts be added to the loot pool at the end so that we...
  9. Sith Meister

    Sith Tower on Monria

    Not only did I get a Tower. The Dunwich tried to take it away from me. 416.9 damage but we killed him and stopped him from taking back the tower.
  10. Sith Meister

    Bella's Calypso Apartment view

    The view is really nice.
  11. Sith Meister


    Updated 05/02/2021 Main Items needed Yog Eyes Shub Skin Yog Skin Shoggoth Skin Cultist Claw Yog Tusk Other items required Evil Leprechaun Creature pill Yog Horror Pet Gold Leprechaun pet Blueprints Melee Amp 92 Melee Amp 94 Melee Amp 96 DSEC Seeker Amp 1 Modec 100 Modec 700 Modec 900 ALL...
  12. Sith Meister

    Blades of Sith - Inventory List

    SHOP INVENTORY LIST (Updated 11th September 2021) BOXING GLOVES * Monria Boxing Gloves Lightweight 12 oz (M,L) * Out of stock * Monria Boxing Gloves Lightweight 12 oz (F,L) * * Monria Boxing Gloves Lightweight 18 oz (M,L) * Out of stock * Monria Boxing Gloves Lightweight 18 oz (F,L) * * Monria...
  13. Sith Meister


    Gold Leprechaun pet level 30 with buff unlocked for a Gold Leprechaun pet level 1 or above plus PED. The PED amount is to be discussed as it took a year to train and trust me he ate a lot of Nutrio Bars. Please make your offers to me and I will put it to Bella. Any direct messages to Bella...
  14. Sith Meister

    Saturday Fun

    Saturday 4th April 2020. 18:30 game time. If anyone is interested in meeting up on Monria to have some hunting fun. I will be at DSEC Forensics apporx 18:30 game time to arrange some kind of fun event. This could be anything from a cave run, wave events or anything we want. Please let me...
  15. Sith Meister

    Facebook Page

    I have been working on ways to advertise my shop and I have produced a Facebook page. It is in works and I will try and keep it fresh. I am very new to this but I will do my best. Please click on the link below and have a look and let me know what you think. Sith Family Shop Please take a...
  16. Sith Meister

    Full Cave TP Run

    I will be running a Cave run this week as I have time off work. Please can you let me know if you are interested. I may run several throughout the week. I may also run smaller ones just to get a couple TP's and continue daily. First full run will be Tuesday 16th July 1900 game time. Cheers...
  17. Sith Meister


    I am adding this as I have some holidays coming up with work and personal and I will be away and not be able to get online at all.
  18. Sith Meister

    Chapter 4

    Please can someone let me have Chapter 4, I seem to have misplaced mine. It is to place it in my shop with the other chapters so they are on show. Cheers Sith
  19. Sith Meister

    Sweat Circle

    Here is a couple pics of a great sweat circle that was initiated. Good job all.
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