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  1. Alya Drarh

    Toulan Fashion Show - June 18 - 1700 Game Time

    The goal of this contest is first, to have fun. Second, it is to promote the great textures and clothing of Toulan. There will be two contests: First: All Toulan Use only Toulan clothes Use only Toulan textures Use any Toulan armor (not required) Use any paints Male and Female Category...
  2. Alya Drarh

    Clothing and Textures

    First Feedback: Thank you for continuing the tradition that Toulan has had for being a fashion source. It has long offered reasonable alternatives like the Labibah and Elder coats and I think the latest editions have added to that. I also appreciate the wide variety of textures and the fact that...
  3. Alya Drarh

    Shopkeeper Inventory List - Nahar Towers, Apt E - Floor 5

    INVENTORY LIST FOR SHOPKEEPERS @ ( SHOPKEEPER ) Totally Toulan *Labibah Coat (F,C) * Assorted in Toulan Textures *Liqa Pants (F,C) * Assorted in Toulan Textures *Sahari Pleat (F,C) * Assorted in Toulan Textures *Adrees Shoes (F,C) * Assorted in Toulan Textures *Delia Shirt (F,C) * Assorted in...
  4. Alya Drarh

    Cthulhu Tower, Shop #3 - Inventory List

    The following inventory is available at Cthulhu Tower, Shop 3 ... CURRENT INVENTORY LIST (as of 01/11/2022) @ ( SIDE ROOM - 1st Floor Left ) Armatrix * ArMatrix LB-15 (L) * level 15, dps 33.5, efficiency 62.8%, uses ammo * ArMatrix LB-45 (L) * level 45, dps 71.3, efficiency 65.2, uses ammo...
  5. Alya Drarh

    Monria Volunteer Mentor | Alya Alya Drarh

    Game Experience. I joined in 2017, born on Calypso. I have since played nearly every day exploring the EU universe and engaging in all kinds of EU activities. I love to hunt (my strongest overall skills relate to hunting), craft, mine, tame, texture and paint, and more. I have shops for which I...
  6. Alya Drarh


    Hi all, I am a new Monria resident, visited and decided I liked it here and bought a place. I look forward spending time with y'all. Alya
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