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  1. Kinkie


    Fanoos Medical V1 from a prototype This robot has a tendency to take one step back when you engage with them, making powerfists with range of 3m, 'out of range'. I suggest using a weapon with slightly more range to hunt them :)
  2. Kinkie

    Grinding Service

    nice one Balam, good luck matey
  3. Kinkie

    Entry Level Weapons for Sweat

    anyway, this chap popped by and dropped off some freebies, Cypress Fredelig Hill. Thanks to him. If you see any new Toulan players, send them my way for starter gun, fanoos, armour piece.
  4. Kinkie

    Yamato Warp Schedule Changes | Effective Friday, Nov 5th

    Hmmm, reminds me of something.. thats it, london underground map. :D
  5. Kinkie

    You've been warned!

    ditto :)
  6. Kinkie

    Entry Level Weapons for Sweat

    Still a bunch of weapons in the cache, offer still going :)
  7. Kinkie

    Entry Level Weapons for Sweat

    Mr Bump
  8. Kinkie

    Entry Level Weapons for Sweat

    Thanks to Hally, I have a collection of pre-loved guns and faps, some basic armour pieces. Besides the usual Entry-level-weapons-for-sweat deal, the next few new players directed my way get free ones. You'll still have to source some ammo.
  9. Kinkie


    Welcome Acidus :) Are you Monrian, Toulanese, or not taken the plunge yet?
  10. Kinkie

    Juvenile TT hunt with a twist

    We got 6 or 7 join the team, given it was a bit of a pick up group, but all who attended had fun. Maybe a pick up group is the way to go, but I wouldn't mind getting a couple of names in here, so if you know anyone hunting juveniles anyway, let them know please. We'll do it again on Friday...
  11. Kinkie

    EntropiaHub - deed income sim

    If I want an income of ten PED a week from deeds, the webpage suggests 2 CLD's, which would be 5ped per deed per week, I dont think they pay that much. Also, 7000 AUD's, I believe would give me a lot more than 10 PED a week dividend. It's a useful tool, but I think the numbers might need...
  12. Kinkie

    Juvenile TT hunt with a twist

    Edited, I put the date and where, but not the time. oops.
  13. Kinkie

    Hello everybody

    Hi Alekc
  14. Kinkie

    Juvenile TT hunt with a twist

    I want to get a little team together for a TT hunt like the old opalo days, and at the same time promote my new soc. Mainly aiming at the newer hunters, but all are welcome, I'll be making a team on Friday the 7th of May at the Guardian Village east entrance, on Toulan, please bring your own...
  15. Kinkie

    Giveaway! They have ammo!! WATCH OUT NOW!!

    Very kind of you, nice one.
  16. Kinkie

    No access to Floor 7 nahar towers

    I concur, using either televator, trying to get to floor 7, sends me to the roof top, and then I do my best lemming impression and jump
  17. Kinkie

    Entry Level Weapons for Sweat

    Bump, I see lots of new players running around, hit me up for guns if you like. :)
  18. Kinkie

    VU 21.1 | Nadira Wants an Apprentice

    Thanks for posting those DME :toast Great updates by the way.
  19. Kinkie

    Firepower For Sweat initiative

    Well done for organising this event Kai. Keep it up
  20. Kinkie

    Entry Level Weapons for Sweat

    Thank you Crafty Nana, we are now stocked up on Medical Devices. We can also knock them down to 200 sweat each for a bit.
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