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    Where's My Pants? mission bug

    Dear Virtualsense Team, I am writing this for my friend, but it seems like the mission is bugged. A player collected 1k sweat, submitted in the mission box which comes up when logged in then riddle came up to look for the chest. The chest is found and interacted, but it has cleared the riddle...
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    Mokhat Young does not count toward codex progress

    Dear Ant and Virtualsense Team, After the patch, I found out that killing mokhat young does not count towards the codex... Please look into this and make a proper fix when possible. Thank you and Best Regards, Balam
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    Grinding Service

    Thank you for checking my post. I understand this type of service is not new in the game but it seems like some player may see the benefit of it. What service? Low Level Grind Service for Hunting, Mining, and Crafting Hunting: I am currently thinking low level grinds on mobs for specific loots...
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    Hi Monria!!

    Hello everyone in Monria! My name is Balam, been playing EU for few years! Hope I get to see you all in the game :) Thanks!!
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