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  1. Julien McBain

    Hello Monria!

    Unfortunately, I only have a YouTube Channel, and I stream there instead of on Twitch. Will it work the same way?
  2. Julien McBain

    Hello Monria!

    Hey DME, thanks for providing such a great environment with which to create content! I'm really looking forward to plowing through all that Monria has to offer in the coming weeks and months, and seeing if I can't manage to beat the odds and grab some of the rare items that your team has put...
  3. Julien McBain

    Hello Monria!

    Hello Monrians, and greetings from McBain Manor! I'm finally on the Monria Forums, and am really enjoying the moon. I only spent a short time on my previous visit, so I plan to see what I can do in the coming months as I hunt up the fabled Chapters of the Elder Gods. As some of you know, I...
  4. Julien McBain

    Monria VU 4.3 - Armour Updates

    Are the UL pieces not dropping due to rarity (no one has triggered the RNG), due to a condition not being met (players haven't met the requirements to trigger them dropping), or shut up Julien, that's a Trade Secret?
  5. Julien McBain

    Monria | 2020 Event Schedule

    By "events", what will they consist of? Are they themed hunts, giveaways, contests, all of the above?
  6. Julien McBain

    Who likes Monria Yoghurt?

    This needs to be an in-game product. A food buff or something of that nature...
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