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  1. Kalixt

    Sweat Market

    I've read several sweat related threads and in my opinion there is nothing to do if MA doesn't make the first step in this direction. Solutions to make the price of sweat increase were suggested many times (refine oil+sweat for vehicle gas, etc ...). MA never answered so it looks like MA does...
  2. Kalixt

    Ore/Enm resellers or buyers

    Hello, I didn't find any information about the possibility of selling mined ores and enmatters. Is there someone who's bying them on Monria like they used to on FOMA or what miners usually do here with their resources ? It don't mind me to sell it on caly but if there is a way to do it on...
  3. Kalixt

    Monria Space Travel Program / Sign-up List

    David Kalixt Neohex - Please add me to the list as fee payer customer
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