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  1. Noz

    Buying Monrian Plating blueprint

    Can't seem to get one to drop. been crafting for hours and no luck ([System]: Session time: 66:01:24) lol Check your storages see if you have a spare one for me please :)
  2. Noz

    Monria gives me my first tower in Entropia

    Hit in the forensics crater using a Terramaster 5 and a d-class amp
  3. Noz

    Monrian texture

    Some texture BPs for the Monrian skins so people can have yog/shog/shub textured clothes and vehicles. Think this would be a popular introduction and give more uses for the skins which are mainly TT food atm.
  4. Noz

    No buyer name in tower shops - Reason

    I don't know if this has been said anywhere, but can't find it. The reason for this is the shop name is too long and it pushes the lines below down 1 line, losing the buyers name off the bottom as it was. I deleted my message center but will take a screenshot next time something sells.
  5. Noz

    Zoldenite mission reward

    The reward for completing the mining mission for Zoldenite gives prospecting or mining. shouldn't this be surveying or drilling as it is an en matter and not an ore. So far finished 1, 2 and 3 and all have given ore mining rewards instead of surveying.
  6. Noz

    WTB - Shop

    Like the title says. PM me if you have a shop to sell.
  7. Noz

    Quicksand in West Crater!!!

    So i was out culling a few of the cultists earlier when i got this strange sinking feeling...
  8. Noz

    Peeping Tom?

    Rumours abound now that vehicles are allowed on the moon of peeping toms appearing. Residents are now complaining they need curtains to keep out these unwelcome visitors. I say these claims are totally unfounded.
  9. Noz

    TT Hunt

    So after a fun team hunt yesterday I was thinking of a TT weapon hunt. Why TT? well so everyone can participate. New and older players. Was thinking next weekend on sunday 21st around 3pm game time. Please post below if you would be interested in joining so i can plan it. OK hunt is on...
  10. Noz

    Greetings Moonies

    Hi everyone some of you have met me in game already have been spending some time on Monria of late and it has an awesome community here so thought i;d come register and say hi to those i haven't met yet. Yeah thats my ugly mug in the pic lol, although a few years ago
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