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  1. Tiny Star Carter

    Jerkiness when trying to move in the Hub

    And this issue is back again also!
  2. Tiny Star Carter

    Jerkiness when trying to move in the Hub

    When using the Televator on the 2nd floor of the hub at [Monria, 38094, 22119, 212, Waypoint] to goto the 1st floor also transports you to the Crater under the structure. Pressing "T" at that location ends you up at the Revival Spot at the Yog Burrow
  3. Tiny Star Carter

    Jerkiness when trying to move in the Hub

    Bigger problem then "jerkiness"! If you logout in the area where also Tobi (our daily crafting NPC) is, then you will find yourself UNDER the structure when you login. The only thing you can do is "T" and then you will find yourself at the revival terminal at the Yog burrow!
  4. Tiny Star Carter

    WTS Bulk 36,50 ped TT Welding Wire Blueprint (L)

    Offering a bulk of 75 x Welding Wire Blueprints (L) with a total of 36.50 ped TT value Blueprints are on Monria and I can add the Limited blueprint books to hold them for 1 ped each (easier to carry and saves you a run to the Technician) The funds of this sale will be utilized to fund my...
  5. Tiny Star Carter

    Jerkiness when trying to move in the Hub

    Also, when you logout in the HUB, you will login under the hub in the crater.
  6. Tiny Star Carter

    Animal Muscle Oil

    Chipping in my 2 cents... I rather like the change. Now I can get the AMO from the Shogs and AEO from the lower level Yogs to be able to craft Simple I Conductors without having to sell my AMO and buy AEO to do so.
  7. Tiny Star Carter

    Deeptoken Airdrop Campaign

    Just FYI. Cxaxukluth is just a program that automtically re-posts any posts from the website (Bulletin section). Unfortunally you cannot use these forums to comminicate with any MindArk officials.
  8. Tiny Star Carter

    Login location bug

    Had a bit of trouble finding a suitable post-title to describe the bug. This bug was introduced in the last update (04/10/2018): If you logout at the Monria Hub and then login again you will find yourself inside the DESC Forensics Crater underneath the loaction you logged out at. Example...
  9. Tiny Star Carter

    Bug? "craft on Monria" mission

    It should register a succesfull craft. But many people discovered that crafting can fail (also 3 times in a row!) so the quest is designed in a way to help with this. You can use the same option. Talk to Andy Greenfield again and read the dialog carefully (the 2nd option will give you an...
  10. Tiny Star Carter

    Monria 2018 | St Patrick's Day Event | RESULTS

    Gratz to all winners! Well deserved!
  11. Tiny Star Carter

    Happy Birthday | " Eric Shade Avenged "

    Happy Biorthday General Shade! O7
  12. Tiny Star Carter

    Monria | 12 Hr Global Prize Giveaway | Yog Valentine Distraction

    My guess is 553.. don't ask me why, but somehow I like that number :)
  13. Tiny Star Carter

    Temp closure ended

    Just a FYI. In 1.000 Shoggoth kills I got the following loot: 1 x [Sollomate Azuro (L)] - 0.70 TT 1 x [Sollomate Rubio (L)] - 0.09 TT 3 x [EWE EP-2 Proton (L)] - 0.20 TT / (0.60 TT) 2 x [Omegaton B101 (L)] - 0.08 TT / (0.16 TT) 1 x [Thin Wool] - 0.25 TT 177 x [Animal Hide] - 0.01 TT / (1.77...
  14. Tiny Star Carter

    Monria Space Travel Program / Sign-up List

    I would like to take the sunday flight back from Calypso to Monria Tiny Star Carter, Mornian Born
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