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  1. Vegvisir

    A private trip to Calypso: Travel Log 005

    -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Hey guys, hope you all are as excited about saint patty's day on Monria as I am! I will be documenting some of the upcoming festivities as they unfold- and also have plans for a...
  2. Vegvisir

    The Monrian Caves: Travel Log 004

    Hey guys, just finished compiling footage from my guided trip through the caves! I hope you find this video helpful and informative, and at the very least- interesting!
  3. Vegvisir

    Exploring Monria Apartments and Penthouses - Travel log 003

    Hey guys I just finished up my third travel log video. In this one, I take a look at a few player-owned homes. I thought it was really cool to see how different people construct their homes, and how diverse and uniquely they designed their personal space. In my excitement to get some content...
  4. Vegvisir

    How To Create a Monrian Born Avatar

    Hey guys, I made a quick video adaptation of DME's "how to create a Monria Avatar", I hope this video helps new players who have trouble with this step!
  5. Vegvisir

    Welcome to Monria: Travel log 002

    Hello, My name is Vegvisir :) As some of you may be aware, I've started a channel for providing video tutorials for new players- specifically those who are Monrian-Born. Since my first video was- by my standards, well received by the community- I have been working hard to bring you all a...
  6. Vegvisir

    Monrian Born Field Trips -- Travel Log

    Hello, fellow Monrians! I am finished compiling my first travel log from my Monrian-Born Field trip to Calypso. The program co-coordinators were very helpful, and with their guidance we were able to get through a few different quests- and also, with their help, I managed to unlock many Teleport...
  7. Vegvisir


    This game is intreguing. thank you darkmoon and others for the warm welcome, you guys put in a lot of effort to create a community on monria, that's really cool to see. #Monrianborn Happy to join the community, excited to find out more about this game.
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