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    mawlood armor stats issues

    the mawlood arm guards recruit stats on the male and female are not the same.
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    This will be a day of reflection ...

    Please accept my condolences and best wish to you and your family
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    shared loot mob issues on caly maybe on others

    shared loot mobs on caly are bugged. I get this message when loot boss wave mobs that are shared loot " this loot is claimed by someone else". I don't know if this is a bug or someone exploiting there by stealing loot I opened a support case 3 days ago no replay. live chatted today and was told...
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    Real Estate opportunity!

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    Real Estate opportunity!

    This is an opportunity to purchase an apartment on Toulan, the fastest growing economy in EU! this is a med size apartment floor 5 c I am offering at 175 item point Toulan apartment with the following additional perks: -FREE Yamato warp services -FREE access to the Virtualsense Toulan Shops...
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    ammo burn on melee weapons crafted

    I would like to see ammo burn add to the melee weapons for toulan. reduseing the weapon decay as well to make them more like the ar lb and sb ones.
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    Toulan Mob Issues & Feedback

    a high pop high lvl sunjoq area would be nice
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    codex ui

    i went there killed one mob then relog it let me claim them.
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    codex ui

    the codex ui has a 2 bugs in it. 1.) the mayhem mob reward can not be claimed on planet or at the space station you have to fly to howling wind or other stations to claim them. this is caulds by the drop down list not working. 2.)when you click track the ui text dose not update to "untrack"...
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